Meet The Team

Hidden Heart

(Written and Directed by Susan Gallagher) When life gets muddy, put on your big girl boots. After Jodie’s dysfunctional family falls apart and she’s betrayed by a friend, she finds relief in the strength and humor of her boot stomping Aunt Viva Lea.

Beneath The Crown

(Written and Directed by Susan Gallagher and Lisa Mills * Produced by Mary Rachel Dudley) When the spotlight and sparkles fade, what remains beneath the crown? The story of Miss USA 1967 AND Miss Universe 1967 ~ Ms. Sylvia Hitchcock Carson


Blueberry (Written and directed by Mary Rachel Dudley, produced by Susan Gallagher, edited by Desiree Moore.)
Life may be fleeting, but love is forever in this slice of life romance.

The Committee

(Dr. Lisa Mills-writer and director) A film about Florida’s State Legislature from 1956-1964’s to State Legislature’s (1956-1964) aim to cruelly fire/expel more than 200 suspected gay and lesbian teachers and students from state universities. This feature film culminates victims experiences in a 50 year reunion between a victim and interrogator. Susan Gallagher served as Executive Producer on this film.

Finding Home

(written and directed by Savanna Washington) This feature film is a modern urban fairy tale of the damsel-in-distress (along with her sick father) is rescued from her cruel stepmother by her outrageous, quirky neighbors in her NYC apartment building. Susan Gallagher served as an Associate Producer on this project.